New For 2019 : Curriculum, Inspection and GDPR Materials
New For 2019 : Curriculum, Inspection and GDPR Materials
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The Primary School COMPLETE GDPR Handbook
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The Primary School COMPLETE GDPR Handbook

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The ICO (Information Commissioners Office) revealed that there were 6,281 referrals from schools between the 25th May (when GDPR came into force) and the 3rd July 2018. This is a 160% rise in complaints over the same period in 2017. Of those affected, 71% downloaded malware and 50% experience phishing attacks, both of which exploit human error; data losses (82%) and remediation costs (47%) were the biggest concerns in relation to these attacks.

Our handbook will help you significantly minimise the risks to your school.

It covers :

- the GDPR principles and definitions
- data protection policies
- e-safety and data
- retntion of documents
- managing data breaches
- the role of the DPO
- new employee induction
- training for key roles (office staff, SENCO, Safeguarding Staff)
- GDPR and personal devices
- recruitment and the GDPR (incl application forms)
- parental data consent
- what is confidential and what isn't
- statement of expectations
- privacy statement for staff
- staff leavers data agreement
- student / work placements and the GDPR
- encryption
- use of images (photographs, video etc)
- websites and the GDPR
- contracts and SLA's
- privacy impact statements
- managing staff data
- social media and the GDPR
- telephone calls and the GDPR
- managing a Subject Access Request
- managing a Data Amendment Request