New For 2019 : Curriculum, Inspection and GDPR Materials
New For 2019 : Curriculum, Inspection and GDPR Materials
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Partners In Learning Pack
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Partners In Learning Pack

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Our new 'Partners in Learning' pack is a specially designed training and evaluation pack for teaching assistants AND their teachers. We know that the most effective teaching assistants are those that are clear about their roles and the importance they have in achieving high quality learning outcomes.
The training and evaluation programme is designed to run over a half-term BUT can be delivered in smaller units over a year.
The pack is designed to :
- provide an opportunity to review performance and expectations
- identify and celebrate good practice
- confirm impact
- take time to look at what is expected from TAs and others who support or rely
  on them
- be reflective and not completely directive
- facilitate dialogue between colleagues
- recognise and value the contribution TAs can make to a school
- provide a chance for line managers to feed back on 
   performance in a more open forum
- provide a platform for schools to identify further training 
   and support needs
This is achieved through a series of training sessions supported by worksheets and other resources ...
You receive :
- Teaching Assistant Workbook
- Teacher Workbook
- Set of Prompt Cards
- Set of 10 Certificates
- Obervation Guidance
- 7 PowerPoint Presentations to Use with TAs and Teachers
- Guidance Pack
- Digital Copies of All Publications To Produce Locally
These publications, along with all the necessary presentations are available now.